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We Buy, Sell & Trade Gold, Silver, Platinum, Coins, Diamonds, and Watches

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Selling to a diamond buyer is different than selling to a jeweler.  For one thing, a diamond buyer does not have the same kind of overhead that a jeweler has, so they will be able to offer you a higher price for your stone.

Be sure to check out on the Internet reviews and testimonials on the website of the diamond buyers that you are looking at. Also, be sure that they are members of the Better Business Bureau. The diamond buyer will not offer you replacement value, but they will offer you more than a pawn shop, eBay and Craigslist and you will be able to sell it faster than on consignment. If you are expecting a certain amount for selling your diamond ring, be sure to tell the diamond buyer what you want. Most will try to meet your needs because they want to earn your business and because most diamond buyers don’t just buy diamonds, they sell them as well.

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