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Whether you have slowly acquired your coin collection over a series of years or you inherited it from a relative, if you are in need of additional liquidity, selling your coin collection can be a way to cash in a valuable investment.  Selling your coins to a coin and precious metals buyer is a fast process. If you walk into the store with coins of value, you can be assured that you will be able to walk out with cash in your pocket.

To get a general estimate of the value of your coins, consult a current coin guide. If your coins have all been professionally graded in the past, you will be able to determine the market value of your coins fairly accurately. However, if you are relying upon your own judgment to guess at the grade of your coins, then you may miss scratches or signs of cleaning (which is taboo for coin collectors), which a professional buyer/dealer will factor into the price offered to you. On the other hand, you may also miss something in your analysis that would increase the value of your coins.

For greater confidence in the value of your coin collection, you will need to consult with a coin buyer, such as South Texas Gold Buyers, who will accurately determine the grade of your coins as well as point out any significant markings, errors, etc., which would affect the value of the coins. In the hopes of striking up more business, many coin dealers offer free appraisals. Although free appraisals typically do not include a written appraisal, since you are planning to sell your collection, a verbal appraisal is all you need.

There is not a lot that you need to do to ready your coins for sale that you are not already doing to preserve their value. You should never clean your coins, which means that in preparing them for sale, you only need to carefully transfer them from their coin album, if they are in one, to a single coin container.

How you sell your coins will determine when you are able to reap the financial rewards of your coin collection. When you sell your coins to gold/coin buyer or dealer the main benefit is knowing that you will walk out with cash in hand.

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